Applied Economics Minor

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The Applied Economics Minor is for students who want to include a basic core of applied economics coursework to enhance or supplement their major program. Students have flexibility in choosing courses to meet the minor requirements.

Students who wish to minor in Applied Economics should consult with the major coordinator for Applied Economics to develop a program plan before completing electives in the minor.


A minimum GPA of 2.00 is required for minor program coursework, which must be taken on a letter grade basis with a minimum grade of C-.

  • ApEc 1101: Principles of Microeonomics
    • ApEc 1101H or ECON 1101 may be used as a substitute
  • ApEc 1102: Principles of Macroeconomics
    • ApEc 1102H or ECON 1102 may be used as a substitute
  • Nine (9) credits of applied economics coursework at the 3xxx level or higher
    • At least six (6) of these nine credits must be in addition to any applied economics coursework required for the student's major. Econ 1101 may be substituted for ApEc 1101 and Econ 1102 may be substituted for ApEc 1102.


The following courses may be used as applied economics electives and, unless noted, require only Principles of Microeconomics as a prerequisite.

  • ApEc 3071 Agriculture & Economic Growth in Developing Countries, 3 cr. - Fall. Prerequisite: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ApEc 3411 Commodity Marketing, 3 cr. - Fall
  • ApEc 3451 Food and Agricultural Sales, 3 cr. - Spring
  • ApEc 3501 Agribusiness Finance, 3 cr. - Fall. Prerequisite: Accounting
  • ApEc 3611W Environmental & Natural Resource Economics, 3 cr. - Spring. Env, WI*
  • ApEc 3811 Principles of Farm Management, 3 cr. - Spring
  • ApEc 3821 Retail Center Management, 3 cr. - Spring. Prerequisite: Accounting
  • ApEc 4103 World Food Problems, 3 cr. - Spring. Juniors and Seniors. GP*
  • ApEc 4311 Tourism Development: Principles, Processes, Policies, 3 cr. - Spring. Prerequisite: Principles of Macroeconomics
  • ApEc 4451W Food marketing Economics, 3 cr. - Fall. Prerequisite: Marketing 3001 and 60 cr. Civ, WI*

* Meets liberal education requirements in one or more of the following areas: writing intensive (WI), civic life and ethics (Civ), global perspectives (GP), environment (Env).

Some other Applied Economics courses have ApEc 3001 – Applied Microeconomics: Consumers, Producers, and Markets, which requires calculus, as a prerequisite.

How to Apply

To declare a Applied Economics minor, please fill out the Minor Declaration Form online. You may wish to consult with the Coordinator of the Applied Economics Major, or some other applied economics advisor, regarding selection of elective courses in applied economics, but this is not required.