The Department of Applied Economics offers two nationally ranked undergraduate degrees. Both programs balance lower-division course work in the liberal arts with upper-division training in economic theory and the functional areas of business management. Both majors feature a core set of courses in applied economics, mathematics, statistics, and communication tools. Students augment their program with additional coursework tailored to their own particular interests and abilities.

B.S. in Agricultural and Food Business Management (AFBM)

The Agricultural and Food Business Management program is no ordinary business major. The major is jointly offered with the Carlson School of Management and the College of Food, Agricultural and Natural Resource Sciences and is the only dual program of its kind at the University. It draws on the strengths of each college to provide you with access to the professors, research, and resources of two nationally recognized programs. In addition, this partnership guarantees you priority registration for business classes in the Carlson School.

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B.S. in Applied Economics (ApEc)

The Applied Economics (ApEc) program is designed to give you a solid foundation in economics and in how it is applied in the real world to improve people's lives. Core courses provide training in microeconomics, macroeconomics, and econometrics. Additional courses focus on environmental and resource economics, international and development economics, agricultural economics, and the economics of the public sector.

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To declare a minor, please fill out the Minor Declaration form online. You may wish to consult with the Coordinator of Agricultural & Food Business Management Major, the Coordinator of the Applied Economics Major, or some other advisor regarding selection of elective courses, but this is not required.

Agricultural and Food Business Management Minor (AFBM)

This minor is designed for undergraduate students who want to include courses in business management (such as marketing, finance, entrepreneurship) to enhance and/or supplement courses in their major program and prepare for careers in industry or a graduate business program. The Agricultural and Food Business Management Minor minor has a microeconomic, firm and industry-level focus.

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Applied Economics Minor (ApEc)

Applied Economics involves the application of economic theory and empirical methods to examine a wide range of topics in different areas of economics such as agricultural economics, economic education, development economics, economic growth, labor economics and public economics. It also seeks to explain the impacts of public policies in these areas.

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