Staff Papers 1968-1969

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Commodity problems and program choices: wheat, feed grains, and soybeans. 
Houck, James P. 
Staff paper P69-26.

What policies should we have toward corporations in farming? 
Raup, Philip M. 
Staff paper P69-25.

Sources of agricultural productivity differences among countries: resource accumulation, technical inputs and human capital. 
Hayami, Yujiro; Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Staff paper P69-24.

Minnesota's regional systems. 
Hoyt, John S. Jr. 
Staff paper P69-23.

Using local comprehensive planning to control lakewater pollution in seasonal home communities. 
Snyder, Robert W. 
Staff paper P69-22.

The rationale for Minnesota regionalization. 
Hoyt, John S. Jr. 
Staff paper P69-21.

Risk, uncertainty, and futures trading: implications for hedging decisions of beef cattle feeders. 
Elder, William A. 
Staff paper P69-20.

Factor prices and technical change in agricultural development: the United States and Japan, 1880-1960. 
Ruttan, Vernon W.; Hayami, Yujiro. 
Staff paper P69-19.

Regionalization in the upper midwest -- the ABC's of an incremental evolution. 
Hoyt, John S. Jr. 
Staff paper P69-18.

Agricultural economics. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Staff paper P69-17.

Economic theory: orthodoxy and John R. Commons. 
Dahl, Dale C. 
Staff paper P69-16.

Agricultural marketing policy. 
Dahl, Dale C. 
Staff paper P69-15.

Market structure analysis and research. 
Dahl, Dale C. 
Staff paper P69-14.

Resource endowments and technological change in agriculture: U.S. and Japanese experiences in international perspective. 
Hayami, Yujiro. 
Staff paper P69-13.

Integrated regional information systems. 
Maki, Wilbur R. 
Staff paper P69-12.

Urban regional cooperation. 
Maki, Wilbur R. 
Staff paper P69-11.

The evolving regional community. 
Maki, Wilbur R. 
Staff paper P69-10.

Future role of small companies: interregional comparisons. 
Maki, Wilbur R. 
Staff paper P69-9.

Dummy variables and the statistical efficiency of the estimators. 
Soliman, M.A. 
Staff paper P69-8.

Planning for pollution control. 
Snyder, Robert W. 
Staff paper P69-7.

Economic aspects of the organization of agricultural research. 
Evenson, Robert. 
Staff paper P69-6.

The returns to investment in agricultural research in the United States. 
Peterson, Willis L. 
Staff paper P69-5.

The technological component of agricultural development. 
Abel, Martin E. 
Staff paper P69-4.

Agriculture in Northwest Minnesota: its role in the future of the region. 
Stam, Jerome M. 
Staff paper P69-3.

Size, growth, and structural change in the meat packing industry. 
Anthony, Willis; Egertson, Kenneth. 
Staff paper P69-2.

Testing hypothesis on the relative size of the coefficients in regression models. 
Mann, Jitender S. 
Staff paper P69-1.

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Organizing research institutions to induce change: the irrelevance of the land grant experience for developing economies. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Staff paper P68-6.

Industrialization as a poverty policy: toward a micro analysis. 
Bryant, W. Keith. 
Staff paper P68-5.

Technical change and agricultural trade: three examples (sugarcane, bananas, and rice) 
Evenson, R. E.; Houck, James P.; Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Staff paper P68-4.

Poverty in rural America. 
Waldo, Arley D. 
Staff paper P68-3.

Using absolute deviations to compute lines of best fit. 
Houck, James P.; Hunt, R. D. 
Staff paper P68-2.

Bargaining power for farmers. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Staff paper P68-1.

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