The Food Industry Center Papers

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Westland/Hallmark: 2008 Beef Recall; A Case Study by The Food Industry Center
Seltzer, Jon; Rush, Jeff; Kinsey, Jean


Natural Selection: 2006 E. Coli Recall of Fresh Spinach, A Case Study  
Seltzer, Jon; Rush, Jeff; Kinsey, Jean.

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Re-investing in America's Infrastructure: Will It Be Easy to be Green?
Working Paper 08-3
Runge, C. Ford

Incorporating Structural Changes in Agricultural and Food Price Analysis: An Application to the U.S. Beef and Pork Sectors
Working Paper 08-2
Boetel, Brenda  L.; Liu, Donald J.

Food Accessibility in the Inner City: What Have We Learned, A Literature Review 1963-2006
Working Paper 08-01
Wendt, Minh; Kinsey, Jean; Kaufman, Phillip

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Defending the Food Supply Chain: Retail Food, Foodservice and Their Wholesale Suppliers
Working Paper 07-02
Kinsey, Jean; Kaynts, Kateryna; Ghosh, Koel

Do Eating Patterns Follow a Cohort or Change Over a Lifetime? Answers Emerging From the Literature
Working Paper 07-01
Wendt, Minh; Kinsey, Jean

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Foreign Direct Investment in the Food Manufacturing Industry
Working Paper 06-04
Wendt, Minh; Pederson, Glenn

A Segmentation of U.S. Consumers on Attitudes Relating to Terrorism, and Their Communication Preferences; Findings from a National Survey of Attitudes of U.S. Residents about Terrorism
Working Paper 06-03
Degeneffe, Dennis; Kinsey, Jean; Stinson, Thomas F.; Ghosh, Koel

Why Is the Obesity Rate So Low in Japan and High in the US? Some Possible Economic Explanations
Working Paper 06-02
Senauer, Benjamin; Gemma, Masahiko

How Should America's Anti-Terrorism Budget Be Allocated? Findings from a National Survey of Attitudes of U.S. Residents about Terrorism
Working Paper 06-01
Stinson, Thomas F.; Kinsey, Jean; Degeneffe, Dennis; Ghosh, Koel

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Emerging Research and Public Policy Issues for a Sustainable Global Food Network
Working Paper 05-04
Kinsey, Jean

Product Market Competition and Human Resource Practices: An Analysis of the Retail Food Sector
Working Paper 05-03
Davis, Elizabeth; Freedman, Matthew; Lane, Julia; McCall, Brian; Nestoriak, Nicole; Park, Timothy

The Empirics of Information Sharing in Supply Chains: The Case of the Food Industry
Working Paper 05-02
Mohtadi, Hamid

The Globalization of Food Systems: A Conceptual Framework and Empirical Patterns
Working Paper 05-01
Senauer, Benjamin; Venturini, Luciano

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Dead-End Jobs or Stepping Stones? The Long-Run Consequences of Early Industry and Occupation
Working Paper 04-03
Bosley, Stacie

Diet Quality and Calories Consumed: The Impact of Being Hungier, Busier, and Eating Out
Working Paper 04-02
Mancino, Lisa; Kinsey, Jean Kinsey

Does Food Safety Conflict with Food Security? The Safe Consumption of Food 
Working Paper 04-01
Kinsey, Jean

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The Obesity Crisis: Challenge to the Food Industry
Working Paper 03-04
Senauer, Ben

The 2001 Supermarket Panel Energy Management Study
Working Paper 03-03
King, Robert P.; Seltzer, Jonathan; Poppert, William

The Growing Middle Class in Developing Countries and the Market for High-Value Food Products
Working Paper 03-02
Senauer, Benjamin; Goetz, Linde

E-Commerce: A New Business Model for the Food Supply/Demand Chain Working Paper 03-01
Kinsey, Jean; Buhr, Brian

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HR Practices, Employee Behavior, Customer Satisfaction, and Restaurant Performance
Working Paper 02-03
Smela, Stephen J.

A Model of Information and I.T. Adoption in Food Supply Chains
Working Paper 02-02
Mohtadi, Hamid; Kinsey, Jean

The Supply Chain of Pork: U.S. and China
Working Paper 02-01
Pan, Chenjun; Kinsey, Jean

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A Segmentation Analysis of U.S. Grocery Store Shoppers
Working Paper 01-08
Mangaraj, Sandeep; Senauer, Benjamin

Twin City Natural Food Co-Ops: The Role of Customer Preferences and Characteristics When Choosing Among Structural Options
Working Paper 01-07
Mancino, Lisa; Parliament, Claudia

Service-process Configurations in Electronic Retailing: A Taxonomic Analysis of Electronic Food Retailers
Working Paper 01-06
Heim, Gregory R.; Sinha, Kingshuk K.

The Price of Launching a New Product: Empirical Evidence on Factors Affecting the Relative Magnitude of Slotting Allowances
Working Paper 01-05
Rao, Akshay R.; Mahi, Humaira

Perishable Refrigerated Products and Home Practices Survey
Working Paper 01-04
Labuza, Theodore P.; Szybist, Lynn M.; Peck, Joann

The Food Consumer in the 21st Century: New Research Perspectives Working Paper 01-03
Senauer, Ben

The Food Service Industry: Trends and Changing Structure in the New Millennium
Working Paper 01-02
Friddle, Charlotte G.; Mangaraj, Sandeep; Kinsey, Jean.

Data Mining: A Segmentation Analysis of U.S. Grocery Shoppers
Working Paper 01-01
Katsaras, Nikolaos; Wolfson, Paul; Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben

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From Paper to Plastic by 2002: Retailers' Perspective on Electronic Benefit Transfer Systems in Food Stamps
Working paper 00-06
Quinoes, Ana R.; Kinsey, Jean

Slotting Allowances: Empirical Evidence on Their Role in New Product Launches
Working paper 00-05
Rao, Akshay R.; Mahi, Humaira

Point-of-Purchase Signs, Impulse Purchases, and Individual Differences in the "Desire to Touch"
Working paper 00-04
Peck, Joann; Childers, Terry

Decomposing Changes in Retail Food Wage Distributions, 1983-1998: A Semi-parametric Analysis
Working Paper 00-03
Budd, John W.; McCall, Brian P.

The Growing Natural Foods Market: Opportunities and Obstacles for Mass Market Supermarkets
Working paper 00-02
Richman, Nessa

Workplace Organization and Human Resource Practices: The Retail Food Industry
Working paper 00-01
Ben-Ner, Avner; Kong, Fanmin; Bosley, Stacie; Burns, W. Allen; Butler, Richard; Han, Tzu-Shian; Liu, Nien-Chi; Park, Yong-Seung

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Design and Delivery of Electronic Services: Implications for Customer Value in Electronic Food Retailing
Working paper 99-06
Heim, Gregory; Sinha, K.K.

Union Density Effects in The Supermarket Industry
Working paper 99-05
Johansson, Robert C.; Coggins, Jay S.; Senauer, Ben H.

The Grocery Stores' Wage Distribution: A Semi-parametric Analysis of The Role of Retailing And Labor Market Institutions
Working paper 99-04
Budd, John W.; McCall, Brian P.

Catalog Specialty Food Buyers' Computer Usage And Purchasing Activity: A Case Study
Working paper 99-03
White, Gregory K.

The Grocery Retailing Sector in Germany: ECR Activities in Comparison to the USA
Working paper 99-02
Katsaras, Nikolaos; Schamel, Gunter

Current Practices and Regulations Regarding Open Dating of Food Products
Working paper 99-01
Labuza, Theodore P.; Szybist, Lynn M.

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Who Eats What, When, and From Where?
Working paper 98-05
Carlson, Andrea; Kinsey, Jean; Nadav, Carmel

Concentration of Ownership in Food Retailing: A Review of the Evidence About Consumer Impact
Working paper 98-04
Kinsey, Jean

Convenience Store Practices and Progress with Efficient Consumer Response: The Minnesota Case
Working paper 98-03
Ashman, Sara M.; King, Robert P.

The Changing Polish Consumer
Working paper 98-02
Sznajder, Michal; Senauer, Ben

The Home Meal Replacement Opportunity: A Marketing Perspective
Working paper 98-01
Larson, Ron

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Key Developments in the Food Distribution System
Working paper 97-08
Larson, Ronald

Competence Acquisition in Retail Food: Efficient Consumer Response and Environmental Management
Working paper 97-07
Marcus, Alfred; Spielmann, Brian; Qu, Lu

Couponing as a Horizontal and Vertical Strategy: Theory and Effects
Working paper 97-06
Conner, John M.

New Competition for Supermarkets: A Case Study
Working paper 97-05
Capps, Oral, Jr.

Information Technology and Fresh Produce: A Case Study Using Store Level Scan Data to Analyze Sales
Working paper 97-04
Eastwood, David

Shelf Labeling of Organic Foods: Effects on Customer Perceptions and Sales
Working paper 97-03
Reicks, Marla; Splett, Patricia; Fishman, Amy

Food Processing Firms and Foreign Production Incentives
Working paper 97-02
Hagen, James M.

Adoption of ECR Practices in Minnesota Grocery Stores
Working paper 97-01
Phumpiu, Paul F.; King, Robert P.

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Competitive Analysis of U.S. Food Processing Plants
Working paper 96-04
Jayanthi, Shekhar; Kocha, Bart; Sinha, Kingshuk K.

Changes in Retail Food Delivery: Signals for Producers, Processors and Distributors
Working Paper 96-03
Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben; King, Robert P.; Phumpiu, Paul F.

Food Marketing in an Electronic Age: Implications for Agricultural Producers
Working paper 96-02
Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben

Estimation of Household Brand-Size Choice Models for Spaghetti Products with Scanner Data
Working paper 96-01
Park, Changwon; Senauer, Ben

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