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Growth diagnostics and a multisector Ramsey model: the case of Brazil.
Vinyes, Cristina; Roe, Terry
Bulletin 10-1/ 2010

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Dynamics of structural transformation: understanding the key factors that drive innovative activities in selected Asian and African countries.
Badibanga, Thaddee; Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry L.; Somwaru, Agapi.
Bulletin 08-1/ 2008

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Path interdependence among early and late bloomers in a dynamic Heckscher-Ohlin model.
Gaitan, Beatriz; Roe,Terry.  
Bulletin 07-1/ 2007

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Exchange rates, foreign income, and U.S. agriculture.
Shane, Matthew; Roe, Terry;  Somwaru, Agapi. 
Bulletin 06-1/ 2006

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The impact of HIV on total factor productivity. 
Alemu, Zerihun; Roe, Terry L.; Smith, Rodney B.W.
Bulletin 05-2/ 2005

Natural resource abundance and economic growth in a two country world. 
Gaitan, Beatriz; Roe, Terry. 
Bulletin 05-01/ 2005

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Economy-wide benefits from establishing water user-right markets in a spatially heterogeneous agricultural economy.
Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry; Doukkali, Rachidi.
Bulletin 02-1/ 2002

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Schools, skills and economic development: education policies, student learning and socioeconomic outcomes in developing countries.
Glewwe, Paul. 
Bulletin 01-3/ 2001

Democracy, rent seeking, public spending, and growth.
Mohtadi, Hamid; Roe, Terry. 
Bulletin 01-2/ 2001

A global analysis of agricultural trade reform in WTO member countries. 
Diao, Xinshen; Somwaru, Agapi; Roe, Terry. 
Bulletin 01-1/ 2001

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Imperialism and competition in anthropology: sociology, political science and economics: a perspective from development economics. 
Ruttan, Vernon. 
Bulletin 00-2/ 2000

Is "getting the prices right" always right?: how trade liberalization can fail.
Gaitan, Beatriz; Pavel, Ferdinand. 
Bulletin 00-1/ 2000

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Sources of growth and supply response: a cross-commodity analysis of China's grain sector.
Colby, Hunter; Diao, Xinshen; Somwaru, Agapi.
Bulletin 99-2/ 1999

Growth theory and accounting for growth of the Taiwanese economy. 
Lin, Pei-Chin; Roe, Terry.
Bulletin 99-1/ 1999

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Monetary instability and economic growth.
Peterson, Willis.  
Bulletin 98-6/ 1998

The effect of sequencing trade and water market reform on interest groups in irrigated agriculture: an intertemporal economy-wide analysis of the Moroccan case. 
Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry.  
Bulletin 98-5/ 1998

Growth economics and development economics: what should development economists learn (if anything) from the new growth theory? 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 98-4/ 1998

Educational achievement and sectoral transition in the Indonesian labor force.
Kawuryan, Anna Maria Siti.  
Bulletin 98-3/ 1998

Bulletin 98-2 was never published.

How fiscal (mis)-management may impede trade reform: lessons from an intertemporal, multi-sector general equilibrium model for Turkey. 
Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry; Yeldan, A.E. 
Bulletin 98-1/ 1998

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An alternative measure of the human capital stock.
Tao, Hung-Lin; Stinson, Thomas F. 
Bulletin 97-1/ 1997

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Sources of technical change: induced innovation, evolutionary theory and path dependence. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 96-4/ 1996

Dynamic gains and losses from trade reform: an intertemporal general equilibrium model of the United States and MERCOSUR.
Diao, Xinshen; Somwaru, Agapi. 
Bulletin 96-3/ 1996

R & D spillovers: evidence from U.S. food processing, farm machinery and agriculture. 
Gopinath, Munisamy; Roe, Terry L. 
Bulletin 96-2/ 1996

A dynamic computable general equilibrium model: an application of R & D based endogenous growth model theory. 
Diao, Xinshen; Elbasha, Elbasha, Elamin H.; Roe, Terry L.; Yeldan, E.
Bulletin 96-1/ 1996

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Do taxes on large firms impede growth?: Evidence from Ghana
Gollin, Douglas. 
Bulletin 95-9/ 1995

General equilibrium analysis of supply and factor returns in U.S. agriculture, 1949-91.
Munisamy, Gopinath; Roe, Terry L. 
Bulletin 95-8/ 1995

Sources of Sectoral Growth in an Economy Wide Context: The Case of U.S. Agriculture.
Munisamy, Gopinath; Roe, Terry L.
Bulletin 95-7/ 1995

Environment in three classes of endogenous growth models.
Elbasha, Elamin H.; Roe, Terry L. 
Bulletin 95-6 / 1995

Nutrition, health and labor productivity analysis of male and female workers: a test of the efficiency wage hypothesis. 
Aziz, Fahima. 
Bulletin 95-5/ 1995

Environment, welfare and gains from trade: a North-South model in general equilibrium.
Diao, Xinshen; Roe, Terry. 
Bulletin 95-4/ 1995

Political economy perspectives on the 1994 Turkish economic crisis: a computable general equilibrium modeling analysis. 
Yeldan, Erinc.
Bulletin 95-3/ 1995

The strategic interdependence of a shared water aquifer: a general equilibrium analysis.
Roe, Terry; Diao, Xinshen.
Bulletin 95-2/ 1995

On endogenous growth: the implications of environmental externalities. 
Elbasha, Elamin H.; Roe, Terry.
Bulletin 95-1/ 1995


Explaining diversity in agricultural organization: an agency perspective.
Roumasset, James.
Bulletin 94-3/ 1994

Cultural endowments, institutional renovation and technical innovation: the "Groupements Naam" of Yatenga, Burkina Faso.
Smale, Melinda; Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 94-2/ 1994

Endangered species and natural resource exploitation: extinction vs. coexistence.
Tsur, Yacov; Zemel, Amos.
Bulletin 94-1/ 1994

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Producer behaviour under strict rationing and quasi-fixed factors.
Guyomard, Herve; Mahe, Louis P. 
Bulletin 93-2/ 1993

Induced technical and institutional change evaluation and reassessment: two chapters. 
Hayami, Yujiro; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 93-1/ 1993

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Endogenous growth, health and the environment.
Mohtadi, Hamid; Roe, Terry.
Bulletin 92-4/ 1992

Political economy of structural adjustment: a general equilibrium-interest group perspective.
Roe, Terry. 
Bulletin 92-3/ 1992

Labor specialization and endogenous growth. 
Kim, Sunwoong; Mohtadi, Hamid.
Bulletin 92-2/ 1992

Education, job signaling, and dual labor markets in developing countries.
Kim, Sunwoong; Mohtadi, Hamid.
Bulletin 92-1/ 1992

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Induced technical change in centrally planned economies. 
Fan, Shenggen; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 91-3/ 1991

The future of U.S. foreign economic assistance. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 91-2/ 1991

Political economy of endogenous growth. 
Mohtadi, Hamid; Roe, Terry.
Bulletin 91-1/ 1991 (Revised April 1991)


Competition among rent seeking groups in general equilibrium. 
Roe, Terry L.; Graham-Tomasi, Theodore.
Bulletin 90-2/ 1990

Economics of food safety: risk, information, and the demand and supply of health.
Falconi, Cesar; Roe, Terry.
Bulletin 90-1/ 1990

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What happened to political development?
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 89-10/ 1989

The selectivity of fertility and the determinants of human capital investments: parametric and semi-parametric estimates.
Pitt, Mark M.; Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 89-9/ 1989

Credit market constraints, consumption smoothing and the accumulation of durable production assets in low-income countries: investments in bullocks in India. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
Bulletin 89-8/ 1989

Incompleteness in insurance: an analysis of the multiplicative case. 
Ramaswami, Bharat; Roe, Terry L.
Bulletin 89-7/ 1989

On the welfare consequences of political activity.
Coggins, Jay S.
Bulletin 89-6/ 1989

Lost directions: U.S. foreign assistance policy since new directions.
McGuire, Mark F.; Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 89-5/ 1989

Wealth, weather risk and the composition and profitability of agricultural investments.
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Binswanger, Hans P.
Bulletin 89-4/ 1989

"Vent-for-surplus" as a source of agricultural growth in Northeast Thailand, 1950-1986.
Fuglie, Keith. 
Bulletin 89-3/ 1989

The GATT negotiations and US/EC agricultural policies: solutions to non-cooperative games.
Johnson, Martin: Roe, Terry; Mahe, Louis.
Bulletin 89-2/ 1989

Productivity, health, and inequality in the intrahousehold distribution of food in low income countries. 
Pitt, Mark M.; Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Hassan, Md. Hassul.
Bulletin 89-1/ 1989

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Existence of equilibria in lobbying economies.
Coggins, Jay; Graham-Tomasi, Theodore; Roe, Terry L.
Bulletin 88-5/ 1988

The sources of the basic human needs mandate. 
Sartorius, Rolf; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 88-4/ 1988

The determinants of rice variety choice in Indonesia
Pitt, Mark M.; Sumodiningrat, Gunawan.
Bulletin 88-3/ 1988

Bilateral harmonization of E.C. and U.S. agricultural policies. 
Mahe, L.P.; Tavera, C.
Bulletin 88-2/ 1988

An open economy model of political influence and competition among rent seeking groups. 
Roe, Terry; Yeldan, Erinc.
Bulletin 88-1/ 1988

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English language skill acquisition, locational choice and labor market returns among the major foreign-born language groups in the United States in 1900 and 1980.
Jasso, Guillermina; Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 87-12/ 1987

Consumption smoothing, migration, and marriage: evidence from rural India.
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Stark, Oded Stark.
Bulletin 87-11/ 1987

Development policy under Eisenhower and Kennedy.
Hagen, James M.; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 87-10/ 1987

Estimating the intra-family incidence of health: child illness and gender inequality in Indonesian households. 
Pitt, Mark M.; Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 87-9/ 1987

Human capital, population growth, and economic development: beyond correlations.
Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 87-8/ 1987

Structural adjustment and trade in Turkey: a general equilibrium analysis of the export-led versus domestic demand-led strategies of development. 
Yeldan, Erinc.
Bulletin 87-7/ 1987

Microeconomic models of rationing, imperfect markets, and non-negativity constraints. 
Lee, Lung-Fei; Pitt, Mark M.
Bulletin 87-6/ 1987

Labor markets in low income countries: distortions, mobility, and migration.
Rosenzweig, Mark R. 
Bulletin 87-5/ 1987

Agricultural policy in developing countries: the transfer of resources from agriculture.
Roe, Terry L.  
Bulletin 87-4/ 1987

Agricultural productivity in China and India: A comparative analysis. 
Wong, Lung Fai.
Bulletin 87-3/ 1987

Why foreign economic assistance? 
Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 87-2/ 1987

Fertility and investment in human capital: estimates of the consequences of imperfect fertility control in Malayasia. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Schultz, T. Paul.
Bulletin 87-1/ 1987

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Cultural endowments and economic development: what can we learn from anthropology? 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 86-7/ 1986

Risk, implicit contracts and the family in rural areas of low-income countries. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R. 
Bulletin 86-6/ 1986

The role of demand and supply in the generation and diffusion of technical change.
Thirtle, Colin G.; Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 86-5/ 1986

A comparative analysis of agricultural productivity trends in centrally planned countries.
Wong, Lung-Fai; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 86-4/ 1986

Determinants of rural and urban household demand: an analysis of Dominican household consumption.
Yen, Tze-Yi (Steven); Roe, Terry L.
Bulletin 86-3/ 1986

Import elasticity with government intervention: a time series cross section analysis of seventy-two countries.
Roe, Terry; Shane, Matthew; Vo, De Huu. 
Bulletin 86-2/ 1986

A computable general equilibrium model for development policy analysis.
Yeldan, A. Erinc.
Bulletin 86-1/ 1986

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Private sector research and technology transfer in Asian agriculture: Report of Phase 1 (AID Grant OTR- 0091-4195-00). 
Pray, Carl.
Bulletin 85-5/ 1985

What's in a name?: Country-of-origin influences on the earnings of immigrants in the United States.
Jasso, Guillermina; Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 85-4/ 1985

A reexamination of professional and popular thought on assistance for economic development: 1949-1952. 
Kennedy, Joseph V.; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 85-3/ 1985

Completion report of the Asian agricultural research project (Contract No. AID/ASIA C-1456)85-2) 
Pray, Carl E.; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 85-2/ 1985

Technical and institutional change in agricultural development: two lectures. ["Technical change and agricultural development" and "Institutional change and agricultural development"] 
Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 85-1/ 1985

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Externalities, heterogeneity and the optimal distribution of public programs: child health and family planning interventions. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
Bulletin 84-6/ 1984

Migration selectivity and the effects of public programs. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
Bulletin 84-5/ 1984

Microeconometric models of consumer and producer demand with limited dependent variables.
Lee, Lung-Fei; Pitt, Mark M.
Bulletin 84-4/ 1984

Specific experience, household structure and intergenerational transfers: farm family land and labor arrangements in developing countries.
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
Bulletin 84-3/ 1984

Heterogeneity, intrafamily distribution and child health. 
Rosenzweig, Mark R.; Wolpin, Kenneth I.
Bulletin 84-2/ 1984

Agricultural prices, food consumption and the health and productivity of farmers. 
Pitt, Mark M.; Rosenzweig, Mark R.
Bulletin 84-1/ 1984

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Estimating the yield advantage of high yielding wheat varieties: the use of on-farm yield constraints data. 
Nagy, Joseph G. 
Bulletin 83-3/ 1983

Reforming the global agricultural research support system. 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 83-2/ 1983

Congruence of agricultural research in Indonesia, 1974-1978. 
Salmon, David C. 
Bulletin 83-1/ 1983

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Income distribution effects of Green Revolution in India: A review of empirical evidence. 
Prahladachar, M. 
Bulletin 82-2/ 1982

The Agricultural research system of Pakistan: The report of the Minnesota Reconnaissance Team. 
Pray, Carl E.; Cardwell, Vernon B.; Crabo, Bo G.; Teng, Paul S. 
Bulletin 82-1/ 1982

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The Agricultural Research System of the Philippines: A Reconnaissance Report.
Evenson, Robert E.; Waggoner, Paul E.; Bloom, Paul R.
Bulletin 81-3/ 1981

The Asia Bureau agricultural research review.
Ruttan, Vernon W. 
Bulletin 81-2/ 1981

Agricultural research in Indonesia
Cardwell, Vernon B.; Moomaw, James C.; Ruttan, Vernon W.
Bulletin 81-1/ 1981

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Wheat, allocative error and risk: Northern Tunisia.
Roe, Terry; Nygaard, David.
Bulletin 5/ 1980

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Water resources problems in developing countries.
Easter, K. William; Martin, Lee R.
Bulletin 3/ 1977

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The Tunisian fertilizer distribution system: Structural and policy considerations.
Good, Dale L.; Hammond, Jerome W.
Bulletin 2/ 1975

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Cropping regions in India.
Easter, K. William; Abel, Martin E.
Bulletin 1/ 1973

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EDC Reports


Indigenous social science and economic development in Kenya. 
Waelti, John J. 
R-5/ 1988

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Private sector agricultural research and technology transfer in LDCs: Report on Phase II.
Pray, Carl E.
R-87-1/ 1987

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Agricultural research and technology transfer by the private sector in Indonesia.
Pray, Carl E. 
R-86-3/ 1986

Agricultural research and technology transfer by the private sector in the Philippines. 
Pray, Carl E. 
R-86-2/ 1986

Agricultural research and technology transfer by the private sector in India.
Pray, Carl E.
R-86-1/ 1986

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Economic Development Center Papers