The Center for Political Economy Bulletins

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Mutual Knowledge Structures and Social Coordination: A Knowledge-Induced Equilibrium.
Richards, Diana
Bulletin 98-2

Government Turnover in Parliamentary Democracies.
Diermeier, Daniel; Merlo, Antonio
Bulletin 98-1


Democracy, Rent Seeking, and Growth: Is There a U Curve?
Mohtadi, Hamid; Roe, Terry
Bulletin 97-1


On the Political Economy of Income Redistribution and Crime
Imrohoroglu, Ayse; Merlo, Antonio; Rupert, Peter
Bulletin 96-4 

Efficient Choice Among Domestic and Trade Policies in the Grossman-Helpman Interest-Group Model
Schleich, Joachim; Orden, David
Bulletin 96-3

Bargaining Over Governments in a Stochastic Environment
Merlo, Antonio
Bulletin 96-2

A Computable Equilibrium Model for the Study of Political Economy
Freeman, John R.
Bulletin 96-1

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