Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy Papers

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Macroeconomic Imabalances in the World Economy
Roe, Terry L.; Shane, Mathew; Heerman, Kari.
Working paper WP11-1 / 2011


The Economic Consequences of the Obese 
Runge, C. Ford.
Working paper WP07-01 / 2007


Agricultural Economics: A Brief Intellectual History 
Runge, C. Ford.
Working paper WP06-01 / 2006


U.S. Farm Policy - At a Crossroads? The 2007 Farm Bill and Doha Round
Yeutter, Clayton.
Working paper WP05-03 / 2005

Analyzing Health Innovations in a School Lunch Program
Grainger, Corbett; Senauer, Benjamin; Runge, C. Ford.
Working paper WP05-02 / 2005

Minnesota Agriculture in the New Millenium
Runge, C. Ford.
Working paper WP05-01 / 2005


Evolution of the Economic Results and the Structure of Farms: An Analysis Through the Book-Keeping Data in Central and Northern Italy 
Canavari, Maurizio; Ghelfi, Rino; Merlo, Maurizio; Rivaroli, Sergio; Sarti, Danio; Toffanin, Giovanna; Vanelli, Pietro.
Working paper WP04-02 / 2004

Sustainability and Enclosure: Land, Intellectual Property and Biotechnology
Runge, C. Ford.
Working paper WP04-01 / 2004


Private Uses Versus Public Interests in the Management of Venetian Villas: A Multicriteria Approach
D'Alpaos, Chiara; Zanatta, Valentina.
Working paper WP03-06 / 2003

Water Resource Management (WRM) in the Veneto Region: A Historical Perspective.
Rosata, Paolo; Stellin, Giuseppe
Working paper WP03-05 / 2003

A Methodology for Valuing Multiple-Exercise Option Contracts for Water.
Villinski, Michele
Working paper WP03-04 / 2003

Investigating Preferences for Environment Friendly Production Practices: Taste Segments for Organic and Integrated Crop Management in Italian Households.
Scarpa, Riccardo; Spalatro, Fiorenza; Canavari, Maurizio
Working paper WP03-03 / 2003

Organic Meat in Italy: Situation and Perspectives on the Light of the Experience of a Small Group of Firms Located in the Veneto Region.
Galletto, Luigi
Working paper WP03-02 / 2003

The Food System in Transition: An E.U. Perspective.
Venturini, Luciano
Working paper WP03-01 / 2003


AGeNDA: A New Tool for Sustainable Farm Management, Integrated in the Agri-Environmental Policy of the EU.
Giupponi, Carlo
Working paper WP02-14 / 2002

EU Water Policy: Research Developments and New Management Tools.
Giupponi, Carlo; Cogan, Valeria; La Jeunesse, Isabelle
Working paper WP02-13 / 2002

Functional Foods in the European Union: An Overview of the Sector's Main Issues
Castellini, Alessandra; Canavari, Maurizio; Pirazzoli, Carlo
Working paper WP02-12 / 2002

Common Agricultural Policy: A European Journey - Then, Now and the Future
Poinelli, Mauro
Working paper WP02-11 / 2002

Water Policy and the Sustainability of Irrigated Systems in Italy
Bazzani, G.; Di Pasquale, S.; Gallerani, V.; Viaggi, D. 
Working paper WP02-10 / 2002

The 2002 Farm Bill: A Step Forward or A Step Backward?
Eidman, Vernon R.
Working paper WP02-9 / 2002

Wisconsin's Northern Pineries: A Narrative Economic History 
Runge, C. Ford
Working paper WP02-8 / 2002

National Security and Bioterrorism: A U.S. Perspective
Runge, C. Ford
Working paper WP02-7 / 2002

International and Institutional R&D Spillovers: Attribution of Benefits Among Sources For Brazil's New Crop Varieties
Pardey, Philip G.; Alston, Julian M.; Chan-Kang, Connie; Magalhaes, Eduardo C.; Vosti, Stephen A. 
Working paper WP02-6 / 2002

Slow Magic: Agricultural R&D A Century After Mendel
Pardey, Philip G.; Beintema, Nienke M.
Working paper WP02-5 / 2002

Marketing Strategies for Organic Wine Growers in the Veneto Region
Rossetto, Luca.
Working paper WP02-4 / 2002

The Beginning of Organic Fish Farming in Italy 
Defrancesco, Edi.
Working paper WP02-3 / 2002

Do Missing Institutional Arrangements Block Enlargement of Water Markets? 
Easter, K. William; Smith, Rodney. 
Working paper WP02-2 / 2002

Intertemporal Permit Trading for Stock Pollutants with Uncertainty 
Tarui, Nori. 
Working paper WP02-1 / 2002


A Global Environment Organization (GEO) and the World Trading System: Prospects and Problems. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP01-1 / 2001


Transboundary Pollution and the Kuznet's Curve in the Global Commons. 
Hauer, Grant; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP00-4 / 2000

Agricultural Biotechnology and the Privatization of Genetic Information: Implications for Innovation and Equity.
Jackson, Lee Ann. 
Working paper WP00-3 / 2000

Water Scarcity: Economic Approaches to Improving Management. 
Dosi, Cesare; Easter, K. William. 
Working paper WP00-2 / 2000

Trade insecurity and food security: after Seattle. 
Runge, C. Ford; Senauer, Benjamin. 
Working paper WP00-1 / 2000


Labeling, trade and genetically modified organisms (GMOs): a proposed solution. 
Runge, C. Ford; Jackson, Lee Ann. 
Working paper WP99-4 / 1999

Determinants of the health of American preschool children: estimated health demand and production functions.
Carlson, Andrea; Senauer, Ben. 
Working paper WP99-3 / 1999

Stream, river, delta: induced innovation and environmental values in economics and policy. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP99-2 / 1999

Beyond the green box: a conceptual framework for agricultural trade and the environment. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP99-1 / 1999


Russian farm enterprise performance and restructuring: a debt problem or a profitability problem? 
Pederson, Glenn D.; Brooks, Karen M.; Lekhtman, Oleg P. 
Working paper WP98-5 / 1998

The effects of breastfeeding on health and the need for medical assistance among children in Brazil. 
Senauer, Benjamin; Kassouf, Ana L. 
Working paper WP98-4 / 1998

Emerging issues in agricultural trade and the environment. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP98-3 / 1998

Rangeland degradation in Uganda: the failures and future of privatization. 
Sserunkuuma, Dick; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP98-2 / 1998

Externalities, risk and the private property-overgrazing paradox: the case of private cattle farms in Nyabushozi County, Western Uganda. 
Sserunkuuma, Dick; Olson, Kent. 
Working paper WP98-1 / 1998

Proceedings from The Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy Sixth Joint Conference on Food, Agriculture, and the Environment, August 31 - September 2, 1998, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The Antitrust Policy in Italy: Learning from Some Food Cases 
Canali, Gabriele; Boccaletti, Stefano 

An Application of Geographic Information Systems to Alfalfa Bio-mass Energy and Marketing Coop
Fruin, Jerry E. 

Assessing Sustainability in Agriculture: a Multicriteria Approach 
Boggia, A.; Abbozzo, P. 

An Assessment of U.S. Agricultural Policy and Linkages to Trade and Environmental Issues 
Runge, C. Ford 

Benefit-cost Analysis in U.S. Environmental Regulatory Decisions
Easter. K. William; Archibald, Sandra O. 

Biomass Electric Power Plants: Land Use Impacts for Forestry and Agriculture 
Rose, Dietmar W.; Husain, Syed A. 

Biomass Production as an Energy Source in Coppices of the Province of Florence, Italy: Considering the Economic and Employment Aspects 
Bernetti, Iacopo; Fagarazzi, Claudio; Romano, Severino 

A Capsule History of the Italian-Minnesota Exchange: A Minnesota Perspective 

Raup, Philip M. 

Changes of the EU Policies in Horticulture
Alvisi, Franco; Bagnara, Gian Luca 

The Changing Information Needs of Farmers in the U.S. and Europe 
Klair, Kevin; Boggia, Antonio; Richardson, D. Wynn 

Countervailing Power and Antitrust Policy in the Food System 
Venturini, Luciano 

Estimating Backward Integration in a Primary Input Market: the Case of U.S. Hog Industry 
Pritchett, James G.; Liu, Donald J. 

The EU Agricultural Policy: A Consumer Viewpoint 
Tarditi, Secondo  

Evaluation of Quality Assurance Systems in the Agri-Food Sector 
Canavari, M.; Regazzo. D.; Spadoni, R. 

Formula Market Contracts in the Swine Industry 
Buhr, Brian L.; Smith, Rodney B.W. 

Going East: EU Enlargement to Central Europe, and the Agenda 2000 
Von Witzke, Harald; Kirschke, Dieter; Lotze, Hermann; Herok, Claudia A. 

Integrated Model to Predict European Land Use: Climate Change and Land Use in the Venice Lagoon Watershed 
Giupponi, Carlo; Rosato, Paolo; Rounsevell, Mark 

Integrated Solid Waste Management: A Multicriteria Approach 
Bazzani, Guido Maria 

Local Economic Impacts of Conservation Reserve Program Enrollments: A Sub-County Analysis 
Hamilton, Lynn L.; Levins, Richard A. 

Long-term Forecasting of International Forest Product Markets: the Gfpm Model and Implications for Europe 
Buongiorno, J.; Zhang, D.; Rytkonen, A.; Zhang, Y.; Zhu, S.; Tomberlin, D. 

A Model of Minimum Size Limit Regulations 
Homans, Frances R.; Ruliffson, Jane A. 

Precision Agriculture: Current Economic and Environmental Issues 
Olson, Kent 

Store-Level Innovation in the Retail Food Industry: The ECR Initiative and Beyond
King, Robert P.; Ashman, Sara M.; Bosley, Stacie A. 

U.S. Science Policy: The Eroding Federal-University Contract 
Ruttan, Vernon W. 

The Use of Neural Networks in the Spatial Analysis of Property Values 
Amabile, Raimondo; Rosato, Paolo 


Challenges of agricultural and rural finance in CEE, NIS and Baltic countries. 
Pederson, Glenn; Khitarishvili, Tamar. 
Working paper WP97-5 / 1997

Globalization and sustainability: the machine in the global garden. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP97-4 / 1997

The Effects of demographic and environmental factors on adult health in Brazil. 
Duclos, Maria Teresa; Senauer, Benjamin. 
Working paper WP97-3 / 1997

Food security and the household. 
Senauer, Benjamin; Roe, Terry. 
Working paper WP97-2 / 1997

Trade-environment linkages in the resolution of transboundary externalities. 
Hauer, Grant; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP97-1 / 1997


Proceedings of a conference on institutional innovation in agricultural research, teaching, and extension in Italy, Europe, and the U.S.A., Agripolis, Italy, June 19, 1996

Working paper WP96-5 / 1996

Fifth joint conference on agriculture, food, and the environment; proceedings of a conference, Padova, Italy, June 17-18, 1996. 
Working paper WP96-4 / 1996

Session I : Recent Trends in Agricultural Policy of the USA and EU

Agricultural policy reform in the United States: Notes on the 1995-96 farm bill.
Anthony, Willis E.; Runge, C. Ford

U.S. government intervention in dairy markets: has the 1996 agricultural act reformed the government role?
Hammond, Jerome W.

Session II: Agricultural Policy and Sustainable Development - I

An operational model of sustainable development: some thoughts on getting the incentives for public policy right.
Schuh, G. Edward; Archibald, Sandra O.

Endogenous rural development and sustainability: a European (non orthodox) perspective.
Romano, Donato

Public projects evaluation, environment, and Sen's theory.
Bernetti, I.; Casini, L.

Some spatial aspects of an externality: the case of livestock production facilities.
Taff, Steven J.

Fog: a water resource for the development of arid regions.
Semenzato, Roberto

Session III: Agricultural Systems with Low Environmental Impact

Analysis of results from the implementation of regulation (EEC) 2078/92.
Ragazzoni, Alessandro; Canavari, Maurizio

Farming objectives and environmental issues in the Venice Lagoon Water Basin. 
Bombana, Manuela; Rosato, Paolo

Risks and returns in the transition from high to low chemical cropping systems.
Olson, Kent D.; Huggins, David R.; Porter, Paul M.; Perillo, Catherine A.; Crookston, R. Kent

The use of bulletin board systems (B.B.S.) in technology transfer processes. 
De Marco, Tommaso; Bustaffa, Roberto

Session IV: Food Marketing and the Environment

Food marketing in an electronic age: implications for agricultural producers.
Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben

Brand name and added value in horticultural products: analysis of consumer perception. 
Bagnara, Gian Luca

A hedonic price study of pesticides in fruits and vegetables. 
Antonovitz, Frances; Liu, Donald J.

Session V: Computer Science and Environmental Management

Computer science for agro-environmental farm management.
Ciani, Andriano

PLANETOR, an environmental and economic planning tool: its use and adaptation for Italy.
Giupponi, Carlo; Klair, Kevin

Manure Application Planner (MAP): conversion and use in Italy.
Boggia, Antonio; Richardson, D. Wynn

Session VI: Agricultural Policy and Sustainable Development - II

Market approaches to water allocation: what have we learned?
Easter, K. William

Asymmetric information and the pricing of natural resources: the case of unmetered water.
Smith, Rodney B.W.; Tsur, Yacov

Environmental accounting and agri-environmental policies: an application to the regulation (EEC) 2078/92 in Emilia-Romagna (Italy).
Caggiati, P.; Viaggi, D.; Zanni, G.

European Union environmental policy.
Dona, Wilma Viscardini

Session VII: Sustainable Development of Agriculture in Metropolitan Areas

Sustainable development in metropolitan areas: an introduction.
Grillenzoni, Maurizio; Canavari, Maurizio

Development and competition in rural and metropolitan areas in the U.S.
Maki, Wilbur R.

Periurban agriculture in metropolitan areas: the Bologna case study.
Bazzani, Guido Maria; Bradascio, Margherita

Agricultural land values and urban growth.
Tempesta, Tiziano; Thiene, Mara

A systematic representation of metropolitan areas: the case of the Central Apulia System.
Carbonara, Sebastiano; De Fano, Giovanna

Session VIII: Land Use and Rural Development

Some major trends affecting the structure of agriculture in Minnesota and the United States.
Raup, Philip M.

An arbitrage-free approach to quasi-option value.
Coggins, Jay S.; Ramezani, Cyrus A.

Environmental accounting of forest resources: two Italian case studies.
Franceschetti, Giorgio; Pettenella, Davide

Agricultural policy reform in the United States: an unfinished agenda. 
Stuart, Kimberly; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP96-3 / 1996

World trade issues and food security. 
Roe, Terry L.; Gopinath, Munisamy. 
Working paper WP96-2 / 1996

The Current and future world food situation: is there an emerging food shortage? 
Senauer, Ben; Stevens, Stan. 
Working paper WP96-1 / 1996


Fourth Minnesota/Padova conference on food, agriculture and the environment; proceedings of a conference, Wayzata, Minnesota, September 4-10, 1994

Senauer, Benjamin; Agostini, Danilo, editor(s). 
Working paper WP95-3 / 1995

Session I : Reconnaissance of Agricultural and Environmental Policy Developments: U.S. and E.U., NAFTA and GATT

Comments on U.S. agricultural and food policy: 1995 and beyond.
Houck, James P.

Agricultural policy developments in the European Union.
Tarditi, Secondo

Agricultural trade issues and the 1995 farm bill.
Rosson, Paar; Runge, C. Ford

Session II : Land Markets in the U.S. and E.U.

Some evidence of increasing risk in crop production in Minnesota.
Raup, Philip M.

Recent developments in the EU farmland markets: national variables and comparative effects of the CAP reform in selected countries.
Bazzani, Guido; Canavari, Maurizio; Grillenzoni, Maurizio; Ragazzoni, Alessandro

The effects of landscape protection on real estate values: the case of Colli Euganei Regional Park.
Tempesta, Tiziano

Agriculture in metropolitan areas.
Thiene, Mara

Session III : The Future of Agriculture in the U.S. and E.U.

The evolution of an industrialized, globalized, consumer-driven food system.
Senauer, Ben

Future institutional structure of agricultural research, extension, and education.
Schuh, G. Edward

International research in changing agricultural system: the role of Italy.
Bagnara, Gian Luca; Bagnara, Domenico

Session IV : The Quality of Agricultural Products and Human Health

Consumer perceptions, safety, and health concerns.
Jonk, Yvonne; Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben

Development of a risk-based clean-up level for cadium in residential soil.
Krieger, Gary

Quality of food products and effect on distribution.
Bagnara, Gian Luca

Quality policy of the E.U.
Dona, Wilma Viscardini

On farms quality methods and self regulation.
De Marco, Tommaso

Evolution of the agro-food system: the case of the seed industry.
Grillenzoni, Maurizio; Ragazzoni, Alessandro

Quality assurance of agricultural products and human health: pesticides residues in grapes, wines and vegetables.
Consalter, Agostino; Bertin, Placido; Giandon, Paolo

On event uncertainty and renewable resource management.
Tsur, Yacov; Zemel, Amos

Session V : Agricultural and Environmental Hazards

Optimum nitrogen use under groundwater pollution constraints.
Easter, K. William; Yadav, Satya N.

Reducing regulatory uncertainty in pollutant trading.
Taff, Steven J.; Senjem, Norman

A conceptual model of environmental accounting for individual farms.
Olson, Kent D.; Destro, Stefano

Multi criteria analysis in farm management following the Common Agricultural Policy reform: an application of multi-objective integer linear programming.
Rosato, Paolo; Stellin, Guiseppe

Project evaluation and environmental risk: epistemic issues for methodological and procedural reforms.
Poli, Corrado

Technical and economic efficiency of forage-livestock sytems on the Alps and their environmental impacts: a proposal of some indexes.
Andrighetto, Ignino; Cavalli, Raffaele; Rosato, Paolo; Ziliotto, Umberto

Quality of irrigation water in Veneto Region: nitrates and phosphorous contents.
Consalter, Agostino; Bertin, Placido; Giandon, Paolo

Agro-environmental evaluation of alternative farm management sytems following the European Community reform of agricultural policy.
Giupponi, Carlo; Morari, Francesco

Final report by Food and Consumer Issues Working group, 1995 Farm Bill project. 
Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben; Carter, Dave; Caswell, Julie; DeWaal, Caroline Smith; Eckel, Keith; Foreman, Carol Tucker; Hiemstra, Steve; Lautner, Beth; Unnevehr, Laurian; Prince, Gale; Semler, Constance. 
Working paper WP95-2 / 1995

Transfers to agriculture: links to lobbying. 
Ndayisenga, Fidele; Kinsey, Jean. 
Working paper WP95-1 / 1995


Trends and developments in United States agriculture policy: 1993 - 1995. 
Vande Kamp, Philip; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP94-3 / 1994

Designing green support: incentive compatibility and the commodity programs. 
Runge, Ford C. 
Working paper WP94-2 / 1994

International agricultural productivity patterns. 
Craig, Barbara J.; Pardey, Philip G.; Roseboom, Johannes. 
Working paper WP94-1 / 1994


Desirable attributes for value added meat products survey 1993. 
Kinsey, Jean; Senauer, Ben; Jonk, Yvonne. 
Working paper WP93-7 / 1993

The CAP reform and EC-US relations: the GATT as a "cap" on the CAP. 
Guyomard, H.; Mahe, L. P.; Roe, T. L.; Tarditi, S. 
Working paper WP93-6 / 1993

Economic reforms in Poland: implications for agriculture. 
Von Witzke, Harald; Cichon, Janusz; Hausner, Ulrich. 
Working paper WP93-5 / 1993

Estimation of health demand and health production functions for children in Brazil. 
Kassouf, Ana L.; Senauer, Ben. 
Working paper WP93-4 / 1993

Structural adjustment in OECD agriculture: government policies and technical change. 
Alston, Julian M.; Chalfant, James A.; Pardey, Philip G. 
Working paper WP93-3 / 1993

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA): issues and impacts for Minnesota. 
Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP93-2 / 1993

The impact of reduced agricultural chemical use on food: a review of the literature for the United States. 
Senauer, Ben. 
Working paper WP93-1 / 1993


Common property and collective action: cooperative watershed management in Haiti. 
White, Thomas Anderson; Runge, C. Ford. 
Working paper WP92-3 / 1992

A policy perspective on the sustainability of production environments: toward a land theory of value. 
Runge, Ford C. 
Working paper WP92-2 / 1992

Environmental effects of trade in the agricultural sector: a case study. 
Runge, Ford C. 
Working paper WP92-1 / 1992

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