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703. Winter 2001


702. Fall 2000

701. Summer 2000

700. Spring 2000

699. Winter 2000


698. Fall 1999

697. Summer 1999

696. Spring 1999

695. Winter 1999

694. Fall 1998

693. Fall 1998

692. Spring 1998

691. Winter 1998

690. Fall 1997

689. Summer 1997

688. Spring 1997

687. Winter 1997

686. Fall 1996

685. Summer 1996

684. Spring 1996

683. 1996

  • How farmers get their grain to town.
    Friesen, Arthur; Fruin, Jerry; Mussell, Allan.
  • The 1995 Minnesota farmland market: further signs of a slowdown.
    Taff, Steven J.

682. 1995

  • New walleye size rules: how will Minnesota anglers respond?
    Ruliffson, Jane; Homans, Frances.
  • Women who farm: wider attention to a growing subgroup.
    Zeuli, Kimberly A.; Levins, Richard A.

681. 1995

  • The Geography of Minnesota crops.
    Apland, Jeffrey; Cho, Yongsung.
  • A New look at farm business organization.
    Dahl, Dale C.

680. 1995

  • Federal spending: where does the money go?
    Stinson, Thomas F.
  • The Mississippi River ties Minnesota agriculture to the world.
    Fruin, Jerry; Halbach, Daniel W.

679. 1995

  • The 1994 Minnesota rural real estate market: farmland sales prices down statewide, but up in most regions.
    Taff, Steven J.
  • The 1994 Minnesota rural real estate market: the farm cash rental market.
    Lazarus, William F.

678. 1994

  • First looks at the new agricultural census for Minnesota: bigger herd size suggests reversal in milk decline.
    Hammond, Jerome W.
  • First looks at the new agricultural census for Minnesota: part-time farmers down in numbers but up in proportion.
    Cantrell, Randy.
  • First looks at the new agricultural census for Minnesota: livestock industries more concentrated.
    Lazarus, William F.
  • First looks at the new agricultural census for Minnesota: financial performance fairly stable across farm sizes.
    Olson, Kent.
  • First looks at the new agricultural census for Minnesota: fewer farms, similar structure.
    Dahl, Dale C.

677. 1994

  • Casinos and income in non-metropolitan Minnesota.
    Kinsey, Jean; Gabe, Todd.
  • Do cropland diversion programs harm rural communities?
    Van der Sluis, Evert; Peterson, Willis L.

676. 1994

  • Changing fiscal patterns for Minnesota county governments.
    Honadle, Beth Walter; Wang, Yin.
  • Farm spending and local selling: how do they match up?
    Chism, John W.; Levins, Richard A.

675. 1994

  • A new Minnesota farmland price series.
    Taff, Steven J.
  • Four decades of the Minnesota rural real estate market.
    Raup, Philip M.

674. 1993

  • What NAFTA will mean for Minnesota's economy.
    Runge, C. Ford.
  • Assessing state milk-pricing programs.
    Hammond, Jerome W.

673. 1993

  • Would people pay more for leaner, hormone-treated meat?
    Buhr, Brian.
  • Does Minnesota have too many rural roads?
    Fruin, Jerry; Halbach, Dan.

672. 1993

  • Measuring the size of Minnesota's agricultural economy.
    Senf, Dave; Maki, Wilbur R.; Houck, James P.
  • New growth in flour milling.
    Dahl, Reynold P.

671. 1993

  • Minnesota rural real estate market in 1992.
    Brekke, Jon; Raup, Philip M.

670. 1992

  • Economic growth and environmental degradation: win-win or lose-lose?
    Roe, Terry.
  • Economic reform and agricultural trade in Central and Eastern Europe.
    Von Witzke, Harald; Senauer, Ben.

669. 1992

  • Revolving loan funds: funding economic development in non-metro cities.
    Stinson, Thomas F.; Lubov, Andrea.
  • Minnesota rural health care policy.
    Stevenson, Jane.

668. 1992

  • Minnesota rural real estate market in 1991.
    Heintz, James; Raup, Philip.

667. 1991

  • The Controversy over swine multiplier units.
    Lazarus, William F.
  • The Minnesota corporate farm law.
    Dahl, Dale C.

666. 1991

  • Food problems of the poor.
    Senauer, Benjamin.
  • Trends and traditions in the American diet: implications for agriculture.
    Kinsey, Jean.

665. 1991

  • Upper Midwest challenges to the Federal Milk Marketing Order program.
    Hammond, Jerome W.
  • The 1990 Farm Bill: its core provisions and expected effects.
    Sundquist, W. B.

664. 1991

  • Minnesota rural real estate market in 1990.
    Wesemann, Kelly; Raup, Philip M.

663. 1991

  • How do the risks and returns in farming compare to other investments?
    Boehlje, Michael; Pederson, Glenn; Monke, James.

662. 1990

  • The Changing structure of Minnesota agriculture.
    Papadas, C.T.; Dahl, Dale C.

661. 1990

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1989.
    Govindan, Kumaresan; Raup, Philip M.

660. 1990

  • Structural change in the swine industry.
    Lazarus, William F.; Boehlje, Mike; Dahl, Dale.


659. 1989

  • Essays in rural economics: toward a federal rural policy.
    Stinson, Thomas F.
  • Essays in rural economics: farming, farm programs, and local economies.
    Taff, Steven J.
  • Essays in rural economics: income and employment in nonmetropolitan Minnesota.
    Parliament, Claudia.
  • Essays in rural economics: new business finance problems in rural Minnesota, real or imagined?
    Paulson, JoAnn.

658. 1989

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1988.
    Schwab, Andrew; Raup, Philip M.

657. 1989

  • Changing the rules for agricultural trade.
    Runge, C. Ford; Taff, Steven J.

656. 1988

  • Deficits and dilemmas.
    Waelti, John J.

655. 1988

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1987.
    Schwab, Andrew; Raup, Philip M.

654. 1987

  • Farm family adjustments to financial stress.
    Eidman, Vernon; Boehlje, Michael; Olson, Kent; Hasbargen, Paul R.; Pederson, Glenn.

653. 1987

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1986.
    Hagen, James H.; Raup, Philip M.

652. 1986

  • Financial assistance to Minnesota farmers: public programs and policy issues.
    Pederson, Glenn D.; Eidman, Vernon R.

651. 1986

  • Financial stress in agriculture: its causes and extent.
    Bain, Ian R. M.; Paulson, Jo Ann.

650. 1986

  • The Minnesota real estate market in 1985.
    Dion, Douglas; Raup, Philip M.

649. 1985

  • Wild rice market shows vigorous growth.
    Nelson, Donald N.; Dahl, Reynold P.

648. 1985

  • The Minnesota real estate market for 1984.
    Emerson, Carolyn J.; Raup, Philip M.

647. 1984

  • Making social security secure.
    Helmberger, John D.

646. 1984

  • Landowner factors in developing new cropland in Minnesota.
    Russell, Chad R.; Sundquist, W. B.

645. 1984

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1983.
    Downs, Donna; Smith, Matthew G.; Raup, Philip M.

644. 1983

  • Profitablility of Minnesota dairy farms compared to large drylot dairies in the southwest.
    Buxton, Boyd M.

643. 1983

  • Natural gas deregulation.
    Eidman, Vernon R.; Weldon, Richard N.

642. 1983

  • Outlook for farming in 1983.
    Hasbargen, Paul R.; Egertson, Kenneth.

641. 1983

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1982.
    Smith, Matthew G.; Raup, Philip M.

640. 1982

  • Tax management and the implications for farm size.
    Eidman, Vernon R.; Hanson, Gregory D.; Welsch, Delane E.

639. 1982

  • Sunflower economics.
    Gineo, Wayne; Sundquist, W. Burt.

638. 1982

  • A Profile of part-time farming.
    Sussman, Jean C.; Raup, Philip M.

637. 1982

  • The North American granary: a policy research project profile.
    Martin, Michael; Myers, Robert J.; Poretti, Daniel.

636. 1982

  • Assessing U.S. corn production technology.
    Sundquist, W. Burt; Menz, Kenneth M.; Neumeyer, Catherine F.

635. 1982

  • Organization and pricing efficiency of the U.S. grain export system.
    Conklin, Neilson C.; Dahl, Reynold P.

634. 1982

  • Minnesota farm labor regulations.
    Pederson, D. B.; Dahl, D. C.; Grant, W. W.

633. 1982

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1981.
    Smith, Matthew G.; Raup, Philip M.

632. 1981

  • Agriculture: essential to Minnesota's economy.
    Maki, Wilbur R.; Stenberg, Peter L.; del Ninno, Carlo.

631. 1981

  • Earning returns on corn storage through hedging.
    Dahl, Reynold P.; Usset, Edward C.

630. 1981

  • Feeding the world vs. domestic agricultural security.
    Schuh, G. Edward.

629. 1981

  • Seasonal behavior of some U.S. farm prices.
    West, Loraine.

628. 1981

  • The Current status of consumer food policy.
    Sexauer, Benjamin.

627. 1981

  • Are dairy price supports in for another cut?
    Hammond, Jerome W.
  • Midwest dairy farmers lose share of U.S. dairy markets.
    Buxton, Boyd M.

626. 1981

  • The Wetlands and drainage controversy--revisited.
    Leitch, Jay A.

625. 1981

  • Inequality and Minnesota school finance.
    Kaiser, Harry M.; Nelson, Glenn.

624. 1981

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1980.
    Landwehr, James B.; Raup, Philip M.

623. 1980

  • The Partial suspension of grain sales to the USSR: an appraisal 9 months later.
    Cochrane, Willard W.

622. 1980

  • Land prices: why so high? will they go higher?
    Hasbargen, Paul R.

621. 1980

  • Can productivity growth in agriculture be continued.
    Ruttan, Vernon W.

620. 1980

  • Agricultural trade and the Tokyo round: who got what from whom.
    Houck, James P.

619. 1980

  • Credit card use among rural and urban Minnesota households: a national context.
    Kinsey, Jean.

618. 1980

  • Food and agricultural policy in 1981: a legislative year.
    Cochrane, Willard W.

617. 1980

  • USSR Agriculture and Agricultural Policy.
    Hodges, Chris.
  • Japan's food and agricultural policy.
    Salmon, David.

616. 1980

  • Food and agricultural policy in the European community.
    Harvey, Carol M.

615. 1980

  • The Minnesota rural real estate market in 1979.
    Henneberry, David M.; Raup, Philip M.

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