Papak Nabipay

Degree Program

Ph.D. Program

Field of Study



Terrance Hurley and Andrew Odlyzco

Contact Info

+1 612 625 5719
316C Ruttan Hall, 1994 Buford Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55108

Areas of Interest

Experimental Economics, Neuro-economics ,Financial Mathematics, Biostatistics

I am a PhD candidate in the Department of Applied Economics at the University of Minnesota. My dissertation research considers the traditional economics of bundling in relation to novel information goods. Bundling is a sales strategy in which multiple goods or services are offered together as a single package, as compared to bought separately, and typically at a discounted price, as compared to bought separately. Information goods, such as online music or video streaming services, stock quotes, or digital newspaper subscriptions, are goods or services which can be redistributed or reproduced at negligible marginal cost. For example, in telecommunication, flat-rates or unlimited access can be viewed as a form of bundling for very large numbers of goods, such as access to hundreds of millions of websites or phone calls to potentially billions of people. In my research I consider the impact of bundling information goods under monopoly setting on seller’s profit as well as on buyers’ surplus. My research combines tools and approaches from Probability Theory, Bayesian Statistics, Game Theory, and Network Economics. I am also interested in Biostatistics and application of dynamic linear models in Finance. My current PhD supervisors and collaborators are Prof. Terry Hurley from Department of Applied Economics and Prof. Andrew Odlyzco from School of Mathematics.  

Papak Nabipay