Resource and Environmental Economics

waterfallThe field of Resource and Environmental Economics is designed to train students in the economics of resource allocation and environmental policy. Topics include: dynamic resource allocation, application to renewable and nonrenewable resources, market failure, pollution control policies, and non-market valuation.

M.S. Courses

ApEc 5651. Economics of Natural Resource and Environmental Policy. 3 cr.
ApEc 5711. U.S. Agricultural and Enviromental Policy. 3 cr.

Ph.D. Courses

ApEc 8601. Natural Resource Economics. 3 cr.
ApEc 8602. Economics of the Environment. 3 cr.

Students should expect to complete both of these courses, representing 6 credits, in preparation for the Field Examination.


Jay Coggins
William Gartner
Frances Homans
Terrance Hurley
Justin Johnson
Jeffrey Peterson
Stephen Polasky
C. Ford Runge
Rodney Smith