Development and Trade Economics

paddling produceThe Development and Trade Economics field is concerned with the application of modern economic theory to international problems of trade, growth, and development. Topics include: macroeconomic and microeconomic dimensions of development as well as the economics of growth, and the international flows of goods, services, and factors of production.

M.S. Courses

ApEc 5721. Economics of Science and Technology Policy. 3 cr.
ApEc 5731. Growth, Technology and Development. 3 cr.
ApEc 5751. Agricultural Trade and Trade Policy: Issues and Analysis. 3 cr.

Ph.D. Courses

ApEc 8701. Trade and Development I. 2 cr. 
ApEc 8702. Trade and Development II. 2 cr. 
ApEc 8703. Trade and Development III. 2 cr. 
ApEc 8704. Trade and Development IV. 2 cr. 

Students should expect to complete all four courses in this sequence in preparation for the Field Examination.


Ragui Assaad
Marc Bellemare
William Gartner
Paul Glewwe
Jason Kerwin
Deborah Levison
Hamid Mohtadi
Philip Pardey
C. Ford Runge
Pamela Smith
Chengyan Yue