CIFAP Call for Proposals


The Center for International Food and Agricultural Policy (CIFAP) is looking to fund a limited number of research projects by graduate students and faculty. Individual awards are not to exceed $10,000 ($15,000) for graduate students (faculty), are are to be spent within on calendar year of notification of funding . Researchers are also encouraged to apply together as a team, in which case the funding limit per research project is not to exceed the sum of individual funding allowances.

The primary aim of this call for proposals is to provide researchers with seed money, i.e., funds used to obtain mroe significant funding from major sources (e.g., USDA, USAID, NSF, NIH, etc) The secondary aim of this call for proposals is to fund small research projects.

To apply, please submit a proposal not to exceed five single-spaces pages addressing the following:

1. What is the research question the requested funds will help answer? How is this research question at the frontier of this research area?

2. How will this research project lead to publiations in peer-reviewed journals? Where do you anticipate submitting the main output of this research project? Will this research project generate secondary outputs (e.g. other publications, data sets, policy reports, etc)?

3. Does this research project fit within the five major program areas traditionally covered by CIFAP (i.e., commodity and trade policy, development assistance and policy, food and nutrition policy, natural resource and environmental policy, and food and health?) If not, what makes it worth funding by CIFAP?

4. If applying as a team, what will be each team member's contribution to the research project?

In addition, applicants are required to submit as detailed a budget as possible, along with justifications.

Proposals that are missing any of the above components will not be read by the CIFAP steering committee. Researchers who have received similar CIFAP funding over the last 12 months are not eligible, as are proposals for which CIFAP funding has already been declined. Graduate student funding is eligible, though such proposals will have to clearly answer the questions above.

Proposals are due to Marc F. Bellemare ( with cc to Ellen Carlson ( no later than 5 pm CDT on Thursday, March 3, 2016. Proposals will then be evaluated and voted on by the CIFAP steering committee according to the aforementioned criteria, and funding decisions will be made by March 21, 2016.

For each funded project , any unused funds will be returned to CIFAP 12 months after an award is made. Likewise, for each funded project, the recipient(s) will have to provide a written report explaining how the money was used, to be submitted to the director of CIFAP within 15 months of receiving and award.

The next call for proposals will be posted in early fall 2016.