Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award

Encourage high school juniors to continue to pursue their passion for science by nominating them for the Norman Borlaug Science Achievement Award. In addition to being recognized for excellence in science, the recipients receive a carefully chosen book, as well as the possibility of a scholarship, should they attend CFANS.

Mentor Program

The mentor program connects students with professionals working in their areas of interest. Through this relationship, students explore career options, learn about different companies and organizations and get suggestions on how to better prepare for the working world. Mentors have the satisfaction of helping a young person while enhancing their own coaching skills.

CFANS Alumni Ambassadors

CFANS Alumni Ambassadors share their personal experience at CFANS with prospective students and fellow alumni to help students, families, and fellow alumni get to know the college better. Ambassadors serve as advocates for CFANS programs and encourage prospective students - high school and transfer students - and their families to learn more about the college and apply for admission.