The department recently welcomed back Justin Johnson as an Assistant Professor of Environmental and Natural Resource Economics.

University of Minnesota student Kegan Zimmerman selected as 2020 Cargill Global Scholar

“Follow the golden rule, do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Do your best to be honest and deal with others with a sense of integrity.” –Elmer Learn

The main responsibility of the State Economist to produce the twice-yearly economic and revenue forecasts for the state of Minnesota. These forecasts determine the size of the state’s biennial budget. So, in a year like this one, when the governor and legislature are constructing a budget for the next biennium,the forecast sets the starting point for that process.

Gabriella Sorg was the recipient of the 2020 Outstanding M.S. thesis award from the Agricultural and Applied Economics Association. 

Professor Bellemare Featured in US News

Environment and animal rights groups have praised Chipotle for its sustainable and humane practices, but its recent food poisoning outbreaks illustrate the challenges that can come with living up to this image....Professor Bellemare comments.

Near-Perfect Grain Conditions Cause Price Changes

Commodity prices on the whole, not just for grain, are on their way down, including for natural gas, minerals and other commodities, said Ed Usset.


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