Professor Marc Bellemare discusses how the spread of exotic grains is proof that globalisation works.

Congratulations to all of our students who were placed on the Dean's List for 2016 Fall Semester!

Professor Lazarus Tracks Trends in the Minnesota Farmland Market

The 10 percent of disadvantaged children in Vietnam do better than the average American child. The very strong performance by Vietnamese teens, including those from low-income families, in a recent global education survey has left experts worldwide scratching their heads. Professor Paul Glewwe comments.

The Randolph-based dairy farm was awarded "Minnesota Producer of the Year."

Professor Bellemare Featured in US News

Environment and animal rights groups have praised Chipotle for its sustainable and humane practices, but its recent food poisoning outbreaks illustrate the challenges that can come with living up to this image....Professor Bellemare comments.

Near-Perfect Grain Conditions Cause Price Changes

Commodity prices on the whole, not just for grain, are on their way down, including for natural gas, minerals and other commodities, said Ed Usset.


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