Three Long-Time Staff Members Retire from Applied Economics

Diane McAfeeDiane McAfee worked with the department for about 43 years, providing excellent service to our undergraduate programs, faculty support, and general support staff teamwork.  Her quiet dedication to the department and university has always been steady and outstanding.  She takes with her a wealth of experience and knowledge of the department. 

Ellen carlsonEllen Carlson has been with the department for almost 20 years.  Ellen's job has evolved many times over her time here, allowing us to benefit from her varied skill set and experience.  She has supported faculty and programs, worked on communications through Marginal Memos and the website, and provided valuable computer and technical assistance over the years.  And, while not in her official position description, she served as our resident bird expert.

Sue PohlodSue Pohlod was with the department for 38 years, consistently providing high-quality administrative support to faculty and departmental programs. Probably one of the wisest decisions Jim Houck made as Department Head was to assign Sue to the Minnesota Council on Economic Education – Sue helped the Council get off on the right foot and then continued to help the Council run smoothly.  

Diane, Ellen, and Sue will be sorely missed but we wish them the best in their retirements!