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Michael (Mike) Boland

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Director, The Food Industry Center;
Program Coordinator, Undergraduate Agricultural and Food Business Management Major

Phone: 612-625-3013

317B Ruttan Hall
1994 Buford Avenue
St. Paul, MN 55108

Michael Boland (Mike) holds the Koller endowed Professorship in agribusiness management at the University of Minnesota where he has teaching, research, and outreach responsibilities in industrial organization topics as related to agribusiness management, food marketing, and in particular, agricultural cooperatives. In addition, he is director of the University of Minnesota Food Industry Center. He teaches classes in cooperatives, business strategy, and institutional economics. The Koller Professorship was funded by regional cooperatives and Koller friends, family, and colleagues.

Prior to this new position, Mike worked at Kansas State University in the Arthur Capper Cooperative Center. Mike serves on the planning committee for the annual Farmer Cooperatives program, National Council on Farmer Cooperatives director education programs, CoBank CEO Roundtable and CoBank’s Cooperative Marketing Leader Roundtable. He is also leading a safety assessment and culture research and education program with 11 local cooperatives and DuPont and is involved in a multi-state education program for local co-op risk management and marketing programs. Mike is the faculty coordinator for curriculum for an executive education program for cooperative employees seeking to become managers in the CHSFuture40 program.

The majority of his work involves food and agribusiness firms where he has co-authored over 80 case studies on agribusinesses which have been published in at least seven languages. He has taught in various executive education programs aimed at food economy firms (Wells Fargo, Rabobank, CoBank, Informa Economics, Land O’Lakes LEAP Program, and others) and recently co-authored a book of case studies in honor of Ray Goldberg of the Harvard Business School. In addition, he has worked with agribusinesses and cooperatives in Latin America, China, South Africa, Australia, and Europe. He is a member of National Association for Business Economists.

Mike teaches educational modules on finance, governance, and strategic thinking in boards of director leadership programs for local cooperatives. These programs are taught in 14 states to more than 1000 cooperative senior employees and directors annually. In addition, he has worked with cooperatives in Latin America, China, South Africa, Australia, and Europe.

He took his PhD in agricultural economics from Purdue University specializing in business and food marketing, agricultural production, and strategic management. Mike also has a Master’s in agricultural economics from Purdue and a Master's in agricultural education from the University of Minnesota where he specialized in extension and continuing education. His BA degree --a major in business administration--is from the University of St. Thomas in St Paul, Minnesota.

Mike was the recipient of a USDA National Needs PhD Fellowship in Agribusiness where he helped work with continuing education programs in the Purdue University Center for Food and Agricultural Business. He previously worked for a local farm supply cooperative, a regional cooperative, and state cooperative council. He is the oldest of 12 children and was reared in Minnesota.


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